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Tyres Central now specialises in Hot Rod & Classic Car Tyres with our Mobile Tyre Service.Click Classic Car Tyres for more


Tyres Central deals directly with most tyre manufacturers to get our customers the best possible price on a large range of tyres to suit many vehicles. Customers all over Australia can get the best price on their car tyres by ordering online or calling us at Tyres Central. We package and freight out tyres all over the country. We also provide a specialized mobile tyre service for customers in the Sydney region. We can supply, fit and balance all of our tyres onsite, anywhere in Sydney. Customers only need to make one phone call to Tyres Central and we can deliver, fit and balance their tyres at home, at work or on the roadside. This service enables customers to avoid waiting around in-store when replacing their tyres, saving them time and money. Our Specialised mobile tyre service provides an emergency response for motorists stranded on the roadside with damaged or destroyed tyres. We can promptly be onsite to repair or replace your tyres and get you on your way with a minimum of fuss, we even provide an after hours service.


Tyre Brands


At Tyres Central we're not tied down to any one particular tyre brand and we don't limit ourselves to dealing with only one supplier. We source your favourite tyres from a network of distributors and manufacturers and we put the hard work into getting you the best tyre products at the best possible price. Because we don't need to "tow the party line" with any one supplier we are free to give you impartial advise on any tyre questions you may have. To find out more about some of the tyres we can supply click on the links below:



  • BFGoodrich Tyres

    BFGoodrich tyres are famous the world over for producing some of the best 4WD tyres on the market today. BFGoodrich also produce a large range of passenger vehicle and high performance tyres. With a long history and an affiliation with Michelin Tyres BFGoodrich is a trusted brand. Click BFGoodrich Tyres for more.


  • Bridgestone Tyres

    One of the oldest Japanese tyre manufactures Bridgestone has a long and well respected history of producing high quality, technically superior tyres. Bridgestone produce one of the largest ranges of passenger vehicle tyres, including ultra high performance, luxury and specialty Run Flat Tyres. Click Bridgestone Tyres for more.


  • Continental Tyres

    The Continental Tyres brand has rapidly grown throughout europe and the rest of the world and can boast a large percentage of factory fitted tyres on european vehicles. Click Continental Tyres for more.


  • Cooper Tyres

    Cooper Tyres are known for providing a superior 4WD tyre. American made, the Cooper 4WD tyre range is a market leader among 4WD enthusiasts. From smaller "semi-4WD" vehicles to the "real-deal", users have come to trust in Cooper tyres. Cooper also produce a large range of "on-road" tyres as well. Click Cooper Tyres for more.


  • Dunlop Tyres

    Producing popular, innovative tread designs and a large range of tyre products comprising 4WD, commercial and high performance passenger vehicle tyres Dunlop Tyres are the choice of car enthusiast all around the world. Click Dunlop Tyres for more.


  • Goodyear Tyres

    One of the most recognised brands of any automotive product in the world, Goodyear Tyres is part of tyre history. One of the largest automotive businesses in the world Goodyear is a staple of the Tyre industry and often where car owners turn when they think tyres. Click Goodyear Tyres for more.


  • Kumho Tyres

    Kumho has grown from a small Korean tyre manufacturer to be a market leader on the world stage. Boasting a large and diverse range of high performance tyres including being one of a select number of manufactures producing specialist Run Flat Tyres. Kumho Tyres and a quality product and a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Click Kumho Tyres for more.


  • Michelin Tyres

    Michelin Tyres almost needs to introduction, it's reputation speaks for itself. Michelin produce the finest quality of product and implement the highest level of technical innovation into their tyres. With the likes of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and other premium vehicle manufactures choosing Michelin it is easy to see that Michelin is the pinnacle of tyre production. Click Michelin Tyres for more.


  • Pirelli Tyres

    With a long history of Italian passion for the finest in tyres Pirelli provides tyres that make you feel like a car enthusiast even if your not. With the likes of their famous PZero tread design Pirelli are the choice for those that like their tyres smoking hot. Click Pirelli Tyres for more.


  • Sumitomo Tyres

    Sumitiomo are a popular tyre manufacturer, producing a large range of quality products. Made in Japan this tyre product is quite understated and provides everything that is required in a passenger vehicle tyre. With products like their HTR ZII and HTR ZIII tread Sumitomo have become a popular alternative for even the most die-hard fans of the big brands. Click Sumitomo Tyres for more.


  • Yokohama Tyres

    Another of the big Japanese manufacturers Yokohama is a factory fitted tyre to many japanese vehicles as well as some european vehicles. Yokohama has a loyal following of customers all around the globe. Their innovation and quality of product has produced generations of users dedicated to only using the Yokohama brand. Click Yokohama Tyres for more.


Our Tyre Range


Sharing our roads with us are different types of vehicles, super fast sports cars, sedan passenger vehicles, 4WD's, commercial vehicles and so on. For each type of vehicle there is a different tyre to suit. See below for information on some of the tyres we can supply for the different vehicles on our roads:



  • Sedan Tyres

    This is what the average vehicle will be fitted with. Sizes will vary from 12 inch to 15 or 16 inch with most tyre manufactures producing a large range of tyres for these types of vehicles. Click Sedan Tyres for more.


  • Low Profile Tyres

    Sports and luxury cars often have high performance, low profile tyres fitted from factory. These tyres provide a higher speed rating and a high performance tread pattern. Our mobile tyre service can fit and balance your low profile tyres at work or at home saving our customers time and money. Click Low Profile Tyres for more.


  • 4WD Tyres

    We provide a large range of 4WD tyres, from highway use to full off road tread patterns. Our specialized mobile tyre service is equipped to fit and balance 4WD tyres on-site. We use the latest machinery and tools to fit even the most aggressive of 4WD tyres. Click 4WD Tyres for more.


  • Run Flat Tyres

    More vehicles than ever before are now using special run-flat tyres. These tyres enable the driver to continue driving safely for a short period of time without any air pressure in the tyre. Click Run Flat Tyres for more.


  • Commercial Tyres

    These tyres are found on many commercial vehicles and are able to withhold more load than the average tyre. Commercial tyres are often a muti-ply construction that provides long usage and extra strength. Our specialized mobile tyre service can repair or replace tyres on most light commercial vehicles within the Sydney region. Click Commercial Tyres for more.

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How to find your tyre size

It is necessary to know the size of your tyres when replacing them but don't panic it's easy to find out what size tyres you have on your vehicle. For help finding the size of the tyres on your vehicle click Tyre Size.

All the best brands of tyres

Tyres Central provides you with all the top tyre brands at the best possible price. Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Cooper, Kumho, Michelin, Sumitomo, Pirelli.

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